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At Dunes Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, we aim to provide you with the best quality care and the most innovative technology.

Dr. Terry and staff are proud to bring periodontal expertise using advanced technology and techniques to increase successful outcomes for you while minimizing your discomfort and long-term side effects.

Our goal is to thoroughly educate you and provide the best procedures and experiences.

With laser innovations that assist periodontal treatment, we offer services – not seen anywhere else in the region – that reduce discomfort and pain and generally speed up recovery time with fewer long-term side effects.

Periodontal treatment not only helps to save your natural teeth, but can also help reduce risks of heart disease, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes.

Dunes Periodontics is here to help reduce those risks, improve your health, and to help resolve a wide range of periodontal and tooth replacement issues utilizing state- of- the- art dental implant treatment planning and surgical techniques.

Scott Terry, D.D.S.

“Periodontics is a specialty that combines all aspects of dentistry that I enjoy. I like to challenge of being a surgeon and I enjoy establishing long-term relationships with my patients. Periodontics allows me to combine both of these aspects in my practice.”

As a periodontal specialist, Dr. Scott Terry has received advanced training in all of the aspects of periodontal treatment, the placement of dental implants, and most recently laser therapy in the treatment of periodontal disease. A native of Hannibal MO, he graduated from Northwestern University dental school in 1988 and received his specialty training and periodontics from the University of Iowa in 1990. Dr. Terry received a fellowship for surgical placement of implants at the Misch Implant Institute in Detroit. He has practiced for over 25 years and has resided in South Dakota for the past decade.

With his passion for laser technology and education, Dr. Terry is also developing advanced laser periodontal surgical protocols and is performing research on periodontal laser applications. He teaches laser periodontal surgery for the Fotona Laser Corp.

During his spare time, Dr. Terry enjoys spending time in the gym, writing music for piano, exploring different food and music venues, and traveling as often as his schedule allows.