Our Services

Surgical and Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment

We offer a full range of periodontal therapy to treat all periodontal disease from the earliest to the most advanced cases. Most recently, a dual wavelength laser-assisted surgical treatment protocol has been adopted and used with great success for the treatment of moderate to advanced periodontal cases. The benefits of this minimally invasive laser protocol are many. It is extremely effective with fewer long-term side effects including the minimal recession of the gingival tissue following treatment and reduced incidence of cold hypersensitivity. It is also capable of regenerating missing periodontal attachment-including bone. Generally, patients are very pleased with the results.

Repair and Treatments of Failing Implants

The dual wavelength laser protocol is also effective for treating ailing and/or failing implants caused by peri-implantitis. This approach has proven to be highly successful in removing the biofilm from exposed implant threads. Our laser treatment can predictably kill the biofilm in the threads and disinfect the implant. This resolves the infection that causes the bone loss. Phenomenal results have been achieved, helping to retain implants which have a very unfavorable prognosis prior to treatment.

Regenerative Therapy

The ultimate goal of periodontics is to restore optimal periodontal support. We offer regenerative treatments to help reclaim patients’ lost periodontal attachment. We achieve this through traditional bone grafting techniques or by using advanced laser treatment protocols.

Dental Implants

We place tissue and bone level Straumann dental implants. We also have CBCT technology available to aid in the treatment planning and placement of implants.

Providing a full range of grafting procedures, we create adequate quantity and quality of supporting bone prior to implant placement. This is done through ridge augmentation, sinus grafts, and socket preservation grafts.


Connective Tissue Grafts:
These grafts are placed primarily to increase the zone of attached tissue and to help gain root coverage over exposed roots when root coverage is possible.

Free Gingival Grafts:
We place these in areas where root coverage is simply not attainable. The purpose of this type of graft is to increase keratinized attached tissue.

Other Services

  • Crown Lengthening (done prior to restoring the tooth or to treat “biologic with violations”)
  • Biopsy
  • Oral Medicine
  • Occlusal Therapy
  • Periodontal Splinting

Continuing Education Courses

Dr. Terry enjoys teaching all aspects of periodontal therapy and is available to provide your staff with CE courses tailor-made to your special office needs. Popular courses include:

  • Periodontal treatment planning for the general dental office
    Gingival grafting
    Dental implant maintenance
    Laser periodontal therapy